Mens Department and Group Gift

Mens Department will open tomorrow with the March Round and Vestigium is participating 😀 with these two tattoos:

Vestigium - Alice Sleeves Ad Vestigium - Love is Death AdAnd in fact at least Alice is pretty much Unisex 😀

Andddd i released March Group Gift at our mainstore, i will be releasing group gifts for group members, make sure you get in cause sooner or later it will get paid… Then don’t whine that i didnt warned you 😀

Here’s the lm for Mens Department, but dont’ try yet cause it will just open tomorrow –

March Group Gift

Available on store with your group tag on –

Cya thursday for our weekly release..

xxx, Lu Scorpio

Whore Couture

Soooo, as i have been saying i’m participating on Whore Couture, that will start on 28 Feb at 9pm Slt! And finnaly i got all my products finished, packed and photos done. I just need to configure them on server 😦 but i decided to give u guys the preview… 😀 I will be setting up tomorrow on Whore Couture and sending review copies for my bloggers and some to the event bloggers too…I hope you guys enjoy, cause we worked very hard this week, being know that i moved my store too during this week 😀

Vestigium - Bra and Garter Ad WCF Vestigium - Leather Collar - Skull Ad WFC Vestigium - Leather Collar - Tagged Ad WCF Vestigium - Leather Collar Ad WCF Vestigium - Whore Panties Ad WFC Vestigium - Daisies Ad WCF

All this coming soon to Whore Couture. I will post lm as soon as the event opens for public. Also don’t forget Vestigium changed location and that Vestigium has a Radio Stream, listen to some good music here – and to end this post, just a warning, dont think that because of this big release to whore couture there will be no surprises this thursday, cause we are still working hard to deliver the now usual THURSDAYS releases.. Heheheh, i dunno why, but thursday is allways a nice day 😀 Kisses, i go sleep a bit…



Vestigium NEW Location

Hello my dear followers and costumers!

Vestigium has changed location, it more than one year of store we had never made such a big change..We have changed the building some times but we were allways on the same location. Since the old parcel owner haven’t been around for more than 6 months i was afraid she could stop paying the land and i decided to look for a better solution, and in fact i did. Vestigium owns now it’s own piece of mainland parcel 😀 I’m very glad with the upgrade, also we changed but not that much, we are on the same sim…So please update your landmarks… The NEW location is . Also i though it was a nice idea, and as i’m never able to work without music, Vestigium has now it’s own Radio Station and you can hear it here You can suggest musics if you want 😀 I’m more than open.

Whore Couture is almost opening, it will be on 1st March, and we think you girls will like alot the items we are working on for you.. That’s all for now..Kisses Rita

Weekly Release@Vestigium

This week we bring you only two tattoos. Since we are working at the same time to the Whore Couture Fair Event.. We gonna have some nice surprises for you at the fair 😀 I think you guys will like it..For now this week we have a Unisex Sleeves Tattoo and a more feminine tattoo.. Lemme show you…

Vestigium - Daisies Ad StoreVestigium - Lucky Charms AdStore:


This Weekly Release


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Hey hey dear costumers. I’m sorry that lately i have been a little slow to bring you guys new stuff but January was a month of several updates to the vending system and the time to create wasnt the expected. But for february i expect to bring you weekly updates. For a good start we released today a new product PIERCINGS 😀 Isn’t it the better thing to go along with tattoos???


First thing this week to be released it was the runes tattoos. It works a bit as a luck game. It’s a gatcha, you pay 25L per play and you get a tattoo of one of the 29 different runes, and along with it comes a notecard with the meaning of the rune you got. Isnt it funny?? 😀Vestigium - Runes Ad

Today the piecings were released, you can choose from 7 different styles, and 3 of those come in both male and female version. They are copy and modify so that you can edit them and make them fit your shape 😀Vestigium - Bad Name Piercings AdVestigium - Believe Piercings AdVestigium - Feelings Piercing AdVestigium - Memory Cross Piercings AdVestigium - Memory Heart Piercings AdVestigium - Memory Star Piercings Ad Vestigium - Twist Piercing Ad

The gatcha is only available at in-world store as you can imagine is not possible to put a gatcha on marketplace 😀 the piercings are both on store and marketplace. More to come soon, keep tuned…

Vestigium, Leave your mark.